Comprehensive utilization of corn cob meal


Corn cob flour: China is a large agricultural country, […]

Corn cob flour: China is a large agricultural country, and the nutritional resources of plant fiber are quite rich, especially corncob is the fruit axis after the ear of corn is removed.
Has the advantages of uniform structure, suitable hardness, good toughness, strong water absorption, good wear resistance, etc. It is not easy to break during use.
Tens of millions of tons of corn cobs are burned every year, which wastes resources and pollutes the environment. With the continuous enhancement of China's scientific and technological strength, a series of new methods for the comprehensive processing of corn cobs have been developed. The development of corn cob by-products and related food, medicine, feed and other industries have high social and economic benefits and broad development prospects .
The field of corncob processing continues to expand, making this a similar field of waste materials and achieving large-scale industrial production.