Corn cob for feed


Corn kernel nutrients: corn cobs contain 54.5% sugar, 2 […]

Corn kernel nutrients: corn cobs contain 54.5% sugar, 2.2% crude protein, 0.4% crude fat, 29.7% crude fiber, and 1.2% mineral.
The corn cob is used as the feed for pigs. It must be processed and pulverized with a pulverizer, and the finer the powder, the better, preferably in powder form. When feeding the pig, first soak it in water for a period of time to soften it, then add it to the Shenzhong em fermenting agent for fermentation, then mix it in the diet of the pig at a ratio of 8% to 10%, and gradually increase it to 30 in the later stage. %.
Fermentation method: 1: The corn cob is processed and pulverized. 2: Soak in water for about one day (or not soak). 3: Fermentation: First, stir the starter with rice bran. 4: Stir well and mix well with the comminuted corn cob. 5: Finally, find a container or fermentation bag to seal the fermentation for about a week.