Corn cob granules are the top choice for growing mushrooms


Corncob granules: 1. Preparation of culture materials 1 […]

Corncob granules: 1. Preparation of culture materials 1. Formula Corncob swarf 80%, wheat bran 18%, gypsum powder and sugar 1% each, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 0.3%, water 130%. 2. Preparation method: Weigh according to the formula ratio, mix and mix at the mixing site, pile up for 2 hours, and check the moisture content of about 65% after mixing, that is, hold the ingredients tightly, and water droplets will form between the fingers, but not lower. The drops are degrees. Then build a pile to ferment and turn over the pile 2-3 times.
2. Packing and Sterilizing 1. Filling Put the fermented cultured material into the bag tube, each bag is about 1 kg, and the wet weight is about 2 kg. Pack tightly and compact, the bag mouth is tied with a rope. 2. Sterilization Put the packed material bag into a space sterilization bag for 4-5 hours, or put it into an atmospheric soil steamer for 8-10 hours, and cool it down before removing it when the hands are not hot In clean room.
Corn cob granules: 3. Hole punch inoculation The temperature of the bag drops below 30 ° C while inoculation. After inoculation, it should be placed in a clean room at 15-25 ° C for shading, and the bag should be turned once every 7-17 days. After 50-60 days of culture, the mycelia can grow to full bags.
4. Mushroom management After the mycelium is full of bags, strengthen ventilation to control the temperature of the seedbed at 10-22 ° C and keep the soil surface moist. After 8-10 days of culture, the nodules on the fungus rods gradually differentiated and extended into fruit bodies of shiitake mushrooms. At this time, increase the water spray to increase the relative humidity of the air by 85% -95%. It can be harvested when the mushroom cap is stretched to 5-10 cm and the edge of the cap is not fully expanded.