Corn cob processing: the importance of corn cob processing


Corn cob processing is a concrete manifestation of opti […]

Corn cob processing is a concrete manifestation of optimizing the industrial structure, extending the industrial chain, and increasing the added value of products. It is also an important measure to solve the problems of agriculture, rural areas and farmers. For example, bio-alcohol can be refined. Use corn as alcohol to solve energy problems. Another example: corn germ meal, alcohol germ meal feed, corn husk spraying, corn husk, corn gluten meal, bran and so on.
Corn is not only the ration of people and the "king of feed", but also an important industrial raw material, which can be processed into more than 3,000 industrial products. Since the rapid development of China's corn industrial processing, the consumption of corn has increased significantly, which has a significant impact on the supply and demand balance and distribution pattern of corn in China and the world.
Comprehensive understanding and in-depth study of the important role of corn industrial processing development and its impact, and formulating scientific development countermeasures are of great significance for proactively controlling the macro-control of grain, maintaining the balance of corn supply and demand, and promoting the healthy development of China's economy .
Process flow
Raw materials → screening → peeling, degerming → adding water and stirring → molding → cooling → drying → screening → finished product → packaging