Corncob flour: can corncob be used as cattle feed?


Corn cob is one of the best cattle feeds. It can provid […]

Corn cob is one of the best cattle feeds. It can provide the crude fiber feed required by cattle. It is one of the coarse feeds. Cattle is a ruminant and requires fine and coarse matching. It is a better rough feed. The protein is also relatively high, about 8%, but it should be noted that it should not be fed at all. It should be fed with some concentrated feeds, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, wheat bran, rice bran, and protein feed. Soybean meal, cotton meal, or peanut meal. It is best to feed some green hay or pasture with some of these. Corn cob accounts for about 30-40%, green hay accounts for about 25%, corn and soybean meal and other refined feeds account for about 30%, and then straw stalks, etc., and cattle additives such as monensin, trace elements, calcium and phosphorus, Additives such as salt are sufficient.