Edible corn cob


Corn cob flour: Agricultural and sideline products have […]

Corn cob flour: Agricultural and sideline products have always played a very important role in our lives, especially corn. It not only allows us to make a variety of foods, but also has a very good health effect, making people's health more healthy.
However, with the continuous use of corn, corn cob has also begun to be used in people's production and life. Corn cob is mainly used to make other materials by rolling the corn cob into particles or powder, and the use of corn cob powder More extensive.
Most of the products and equipment that people often use are made from corn cob flour, so the main use for corn cob flour is
1. When using corn cob powder, people make full use of the good friction properties of corn cob powder to wipe, polish, dry metal or plastic, glass and other products, so that these products can be more smooth.
2. Corn cob powder can also be used as feed for livestock, because the main raw material of corn cob powder comes from corn cob, so there is no toxicity and other harmful substances. Therefore, in the production of vitamins and seasoning carriers for the feed industry, Very good application effect.
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