• Corn core powder component

    Corn core powder component

    The main components of corn cob are cellulose, half cellulose and lignin. In the meantime, cellulose accounts for 32% to 36%, and xanthose accounts for 35% to 40%, and lignin accounts for 25%. According to the measurement, the corn cob contains 2%-06% crude protein, 0.5% crude fat content, 52.9% sol... read more

    May 17,2019 Industry News
  • Main use of corn

    Main use of corn

    1. Eat directly. 2. Feed use. 3. Industrial processing use (1) Corn starch: Corn plays an important role in starch production. Most of the world's starch is produced from corn. In some countries such as the United States, corn is used as raw material. In order to meet the requirements for the amount... read more

    May 31,2019 Industry News
  • How to use corn cob correctly?

    How to use corn cob correctly?

    1. Soaking method Place the Corn cob in a woven bag and place it in the sink. Fill the pool with water and press the weight on the pool to prevent the corn cob from floating. Soaking time is not less than 15 hours, the bag is not too big, otherwise it is very heavy after water absorption. Advantages... read more

    Jul 05,2019 Industry News
  • Method for making corn cob toffee

    Method for making corn cob toffee

    1. Grinding and immersing: Select 100 kg of corn cob in the current year to grind into fine chips. The size is similar to bean granules. Soak in the soaking tank for 1 to 2 hours to make the corn core chips swell and absorb water, and the water absorption amount is about 40%. After soaking, remove t... read more

    Jul 13,2019 Industry News
  • Corn cob powder is often used in six places

    Corn cob powder is often used in six places

    1. Corn cob powder: It can be used to extract heavy metals from wastewater, which can be used to prevent hot thin steel sheets from sticking together; 2. Can be used for the production of cardboard, cement board, cement brick, which can be used as a filler for glue or paste; 3. It can be used for th... read more

    Jul 19,2019 Industry News