Is there a difference in the effect of red shallots and scallions?


Red onion is often used in Thai food. There is also a l […]

Red onion is often used in Thai food. There is also a lot of red onion in Cantonese, Hakka, and Taiwanese dishes in Chinese food.If you chop the red onion and use the oil to scent, it is the red onion commonly used in braised pork rice. Crisp. Common red onion styles include red onion steamed chicken, red onion braised pork ribs, etc. The fragrance is very long and long-lasting. It is used to stir-fry meat or make soup, which is very attractive. Red shallots are also grown in China, but other cuisines are less commonly used and many cooks are not familiar with it. Although the red onion is small, its nutritional value is very high.It has a good therapeutic effect on insomnia, pharyngitis, erythritis, and certain skin diseases. At the same time, it also has a good hypoglycemic effect and a good hypotensive effect.
Shallot has a close nutritional structure, high nutritional value, and good medical effect. Scallion can cure insomnia, pharyngitis, erythritis, vaginal trichomoniasis, and certain skin diseases. It can also remove dandruff, improve gastrointestinal strength, and enhance endocrine function. At the same time, the spring onion has a good blood sugar lowering effect and a good blood pressure lowering effect. Because sugar-free scallion wine has de-sugared the grape juice and removed the odor of onions, diabetic patients can drink it with confidence.