Main difference between red onion and onion


1, The difference between onions Red onion: Onion has t […]

1, The difference between onions
Red onion: Onion has the ability to divide, and a red onion can be divided into many plants, so the scientific name is called onion.
Onions: Plants with onions do not have this ability to divide, and an onion grows to death.
2, Shape and size difference
Red onion: The shape is very similar to the garlic cloves, only about 2cm in size.
Onion: In the shape of a ball, the size of a fist is similar to that of an adult.
3, The root difference
Onion: The roots can produce 6 to 14 small onions shaped like garlic cloves.
Onion: Only a round onion can be born.
4, The difference in taste
Shallot: It has a far more scent than ordinary onions and is an essential ingredient in many dishes to add flavor.
Onion: Spicy and heavy.
5, The difference between the origin
Red onions: mainly distributed in Palestine, Europe.
Onions: Shandong Jinxiang, Yutai, Shan County, Pingdu, Jiangsu Fengxian, Gansu Jiuquan, Wuwei, Yunnan Yuanmou, Dongchuan, Sichuan Xichang and other places.