Main use of corn


1. Eat directly. 2. Feed use. 3. Industrial processing […]

1. Eat directly.
2. Feed use.
3. Industrial processing use
(1) Corn starch: Corn plays an important role in starch production. Most of the world's starch is produced from corn. In some countries such as the United States, corn is used as raw material. In order to meet the requirements for the amount and quality of corn starch, the processing technology of corn starch has achieved remarkable development. Especially in developed countries, corn starch processing has developed into an important industrial production industry.
(2) Fermentation processing of corn: Corn provides rich and economical carbohydrates for the fermentation industry. Glucose produced by enzymatic hydrolysis is a good raw material for the fermentation industry. Process by-products, such as corn soaking liquid, slip, etc., can be used in the fermentation industry to produce a wide range of products such as alcohol and beer.
(3) Corn sugar production: With the development of science and technology, the sugar industry with starch as raw material is emerging, and the variety, output and application range are greatly increased. Among them, the sugar industry with corn as raw material is particularly attractive. Experts predict that corn sugar will account for 50% of the sweetness market in the future, and corn will become the main sugar raw material.
(4) Corn oil: Corn oil is a vegetable oil produced by processing corn embryos and is mainly composed of unsaturated fatty acids. The linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid of the human body and is a component of human cells. It can be combined with cholesterol in the human body, and is fluid and normal in metabolism, and has the effect of preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis. The sterol in corn oil has the effect of lowering cholesterol, is rich in vitamin E, has anti-oxidation effect, can prevent dry eye and night blindness, dermatitis, bronchiectasis and other functions, and has certain anti-cancer effects. Corn oil is also popular because it has high nutritional value, good taste and not easy to deteriorate.