Use of corn cob in bonsai


1, Corn cob core pad pelvic floor The corn cob core is […]

1, Corn cob core pad pelvic floor
The corn cob core is generally no one wants to be discarded. After eating corn, it is discarded. In fact, it is very good for raising flowers. Cut the corn cob into small pieces and drain the bottom of the basin for drainage. Because the corn cob is organic, it has little effect on plants. The bottom of the pelvic basin can not only drain, but also make the roots of the plants breathe smoothly and grow more vigorously. At the same time, the corn cob will slowly decay and provide nutrients to the plants.
2, Corn waste to make flower fertilizer
Corn cob can also be crushed and crushed to make flower fertilizer. Except for corn cob, the corn cob and corn must be organic. It can be turned into flower fertilizer, and it is rich in cellulose. It is very loose and breathable after fermentation. It is suitable for growing flowers and vegetables. .
3, Old corn to make bonsai
Corn can also be used as a bonsai to prepare a coated old corn. The coating is torn open and can be scraped inwardly with scissors to create a curling effect. The corn is placed obliquely in a pot, watered through the water, and the corn seeds continue to grow into pots! Very beautiful!