Acting as a 'data officer' for the production of corncob fines


It is the 'data officer' for the production of corncob […]

It is the 'data officer' for the production of corncob fine powder.

  I believe that many customers and friends know that corn cob is used by some enterprises. The application of corncob fine powder is more and more widely used, which has improved the production efficiency of many enterprises. For the production standard of corncob fine powder, Xiaobian will do it for you. A simple summary is made.

  The standard is as follows: particle size (unit: mesh) between 30 and 120 water ≤ 8% bulk density ≤ 450-600g / l mold number ≤ 10000 / g yeast number ≤ 10000 / g Salmonella 25 sample amount negative reaction Aspergillus A = 0.2ppM aflatoxin B1 ≤ 5ppM corn ketone ≤ 0.8ppM pesticide residue: no other heavy metals, etc.: in line with feed hygiene standards. Our company is a specialized company that produces various premix vehicle carriers, integrating product development, production and sales services.

  Corncob fine powder is processed from high-quality corncob, which is the carrier for making veterinary drugs, and is a substitute for bean cake powder and other carriers. It is mainly used to produce more than ten kinds of veterinary drugs and feed additives such as maduramycin, choline, vitamins, premix and feed additives.

  The company will continue to focus on the interests of customers and friends, and strive to innovate production technology, further improve the performance quality of corncob fine powder, and provide satisfactory corncob fine powder for more enterprises.