Analyze the ‘magic’ of corn cob


Analyze the ‘magic’ of corn cobs.    Corn cob granules […]

Analyze the ‘magic’ of corn cobs.

   Corn cob granules are products that use corn cobs as raw materials. They are common carrier products in many industries. Many customers and friends have asked us questions about whether graphene can be extracted from corn cobs. Xiaobian will answer your questions.

   Corncob-like agricultural and forestry wastes are only a branch of graphene-based carbon materials because hemicellulose, cellulose, xylose and lignin have been separated throughout the process. Graphene can be one of the by-products.

   Graphene production method: tape is used to stick from large pieces of graphite, ruthenium or lithium is used to recover graphite oxide, methane is vapor-deposited on nickel or copper sheets, pyrolysis with silicon carbide, and the like.

   It can be seen that the corn cob is a magical thing. It can not only produce corncob granules, but also refine graphene. It is hoped that more customers and friends can fully trust the corncob and provide support for production needs.