Production of corncob granules according to standards


Corn cob particles are produced according to standards. […]

Corn cob particles are produced according to standards.

   The so-called corncob granules are the main carrier products for corn cob production. The company has a comprehensive understanding of the production techniques of corn cob granules. The following is the basic production formula knowledge of corn cob granules. I hope you can easily understand the following knowledge.

   The standard is as follows: particle size (unit: mesh) between 30 and 120 water ≤ 8% bulk density ≤ 450-600g / l mold number ≤ 10000 / g yeast number ≤ 10000 / g Salmonella 25 sample amount negative reaction Aspergillus A = 0.2ppM aflatoxin B1 ≤ 5ppM corn ketone ≤ 0.8ppM pesticide residue: no other heavy metals, etc.: in line with feed hygiene standards.

   The company will process the corncob fine powder according to the requirements, guarantee the perfect appearance of the products, ensure the smooth use of customers and friends, and purchase more corncob products. Welcome to visit the company for detailed consultation.