Ensuring the 'fineness' of deep processing of corn cobs.


   Corn cob is a common raw material in the market toda […]

   Corn cob is a common raw material in the market today. The basic deep processing skills of corn cobs are also mastered by our company. The main precautions for corn cob as animal litter are expected.

   1. Clay made of clay has a lot of dust - if your rabbit likes to dig holes, the dust of this pad will make him easy to get pneumonia.

   2, pine and fir chips will emit bad gas, the rabbit will cause damage to the liver after sucking in.

   3. The litter made from the ear of corn does not absorb water, and it can not deodorize, but after mixing with the excrement of rabbit, it can be used as fertilizer.

   With the continuous development of the social economy, the corncob processing work is also growing and growing. The application range of corn cob is also gradually widened. For more detailed knowledge of corncob, you are welcome to call us.