What is the use of corncob processing?


Corncob processing: The corncob is the fruit shaft of t […]

Corncob processing: The corncob is the fruit shaft of the corn ear after the kernel is removed. Generally, the corncob accounts for about 20% to 30% of the corn ear.
At present, corncobs in rural areas of China are mainly used as fuel and feed, while in industry, corncobs are mainly used as raw materials for the production of aldehydes and xylitol. Of course, corn cob can also be processed into vegetable charcoal.
China's non-ferrous metal smelting industry needs a considerable amount of charcoal every year as a covering insulation agent and additive for smelting, which requires a large amount of wood to burn charcoal. This project consumes tens of thousands of tons of wood plus other uses, and wastes hundreds of thousands of tons of wood every year.
Use corn cob instead of wood to process into an ideal charcoal substitute --- vegetable charcoal.
This vegetable charcoal is smokeless, dustless and wasteless in the process of non-ferrous metal smelting industry and silicon smelting industry. Cheap.
In addition to this plant charcoal is also widely used in chemical, gunpowder, life heating and other baked foods, so it can be said that the use of corn cob processing plant charcoal has significant social and economic benefits.